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The iTAP is a project established to research, develop and enhance technological production for the industrial sector service. The main mission is a mechanism establishment to link between technology service providers and technology users in the form of technical expert provision to give the assistance to the industrial sector for the research and development by giving an advice and solving problems to factories.


The problem solving process for production or technological production development of the industrial sector starts from a plant visit in order to survey and analyze the initially technical problem by ITA team having knowledge in science and technology so the problems are solved to a certain extent. In case of the technological problem is very complicated, ITA team will select the expert having ability to solve that problem. The ITA team will monitor the progress of project and facilitate the expert’s working throughout the operation phase in order to the project is operated smoothly. When the project is finished, the assigned assessors of the NSTDA being qualified in related fields with that problem will evaluate the project result.


To give the assistance to the private sector and assure it of the operating project the private sector will get the profit worthily. These processes, the NSTDA will support for the expert employment as 50 % under the financial amount not over than 50,000 Baht. It is the initial strategy to reduce the risk for the entrepreneurs’ investment in order to develop the production technology. And it will link to build the competence for research and development of Thai industry leading to enhance the potential competition in the world market.